“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”Groucho Marx

I absolutely love this quote!  Dogs really aren’t your true friend though.  Who is smart enough to walk all over someone and have that someone still believe they have a best friend forever?  Only a dog!  Granted, some dogs may stand by even the most worthless of humans but, hey, has a dog ever invited you over for dinner?  Ever  brought you anything outside of a newspaper or fleas?  And where did the saying “work like a dog” come from?  Most of the dogs I know spend their days romping around outdoors or snoozing on a sofa.  I wish I could do the same.  Some friend.
In my own little world  what makes life worth living is the warmth and inner glow of loving family and the best of friends, a few dogs included.  Family is what life is all about but a variety of friends make my daily living interesting and diverse.  Friends are like those pebbles you pick up walking along the beach on vacation and bring home to put on your bookshelf or use as a paperweight.   Soon you have a nice little pile of pebbles of various sizes, shapes and colors.  Friends.

If you can count maybe two or three people who have been there with you along your trek through  life you are blessed.  These are people you can drop in to visit every few years or so and it still feels just like you live around the corner and visit every day.  You carry on just as if yesterday wasn’t a decade ago.   You really know each other and your shared history is a precious thing.  I have a few of these friends in my life and my life is so much richer because of them.


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