Friends and Relatives

Instead of loving your enemies – treat your friends a little better” ~ Edward W. Howe

Have you ever met someone you wish you hadn’t?  Someone who really shouldn’t be a part of your life but somehow you just can’t erase them from your acquaintance list.  Maybe a co-worker, an ex spouse or the tax man?  Being a laid back easy going sort of person, I do not meet this type of person very often.  In truth I can only think of maybe one or two people, if I think really hard, that I would like to eliminate from my life.  Some of you may have relatives that fit into this “wish I could eliminate” category and I do pity you as you really can’t choose your relatives can you?  Wouldn’t it be fun though if a family could have a vote on who their relations bring into the family????  I might never have been married….. hmmmm.  I think a new family member should be submitted to a written exam, personal interviews, personal skills demos and perhaps a scavenger hunt for good measure.  Maybe a dowry for the family members would be nice.  I know I could use some new sheets (they are expensive these days), an espresso machine or a vacuum.  Then, once the newly elected family member joins in everyone would theoretically be compatible and they could all live together in a grand and happy compound.  Rather like world politics I’d say.

Contrary to what many people think, money can’t really buy you status. It can temporarily give you a false sense of class, but true worth comes from the inside.  The people I allow to stay in my life are primarily those who I have a great deal of admiration for.  I am constantly being amazed at what we humans can accomplish and produce.  Personally, I enjoy being surrounded by friends who are witty and creative.  Laughter brings out the joy of living and a day without laughter is a rather dull day I’d say.  So, enjoy your friends, relatives and acquaintances and pick them out very very carefully as they reflect your personality and confirm your worth.
My pastel of an Akha Bride – do you think she was voted into her new family?  I think so.

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